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The SOAPP team consists of experienced EPRI technical leaders located in Palo Alto, California, dedicated to the development of future releases of SOAPP software and support of new and existing customers. Resources are supplemented by contracted engineers and programmers familiar with all aspects of combined cycle plants, including performance modeling, cost estimation, and economic analysis.

EPRI Programs and Projects Focused on Gas Turbines and Combined Cycle Plants

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Combined Cycle Turbomachinery (Program 79)

EPRIís Combustion Turbine/Combined-Cycle programs provide techniques and emerging technologies to quantify risk and reduce operations and maintenance (O&M) costs, while maintaining reliability and performance. The goal is to effectively manage the risks, costs, and availability of these complex, increasingly important, and widely used assets.

Combined Cycle HRSG and Balance of Plant (Program 88)

EPRIís Combined Cycle HRSG and BOP program provides a complete set of technical tools to improve the performance and reliability of combined-cycle HRSGs and BOP equipment. The program includes a background of HRSG design and development particularly over the last 10 years where HRSG designs have become remarkably complex, operating at significantly higher pressures and temperatures. It provides a comprehensive understanding of available designs and tools for preparing procurement specifications for both new and used HRSG and BOP components based on past research.

SOAPP Background

SOAPP (State-of-the-Art Power Plant) software was conceived by Sargent & Lundy in 1991 in response to a request-for-proposal from the Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI) for an advanced software tool for power plant conceptual design and technology comparison. At the time, a Windows-based software tool with sensitivity to project-specific conditions was an aggressive goal for desktop computing, but computer hardware and software were anticipated that could support the robust nature of SOAPP. Initially, the software development was oriented towards pulverized-coal projects. In 1993, emphasis was placed on gas turbine projects when EPRI advisors envisioned that gas turbines would provide the majority of new electricity capacity in the next decade and that utilities and developers would gain major benefits in using such a tool.

EPRI, established in 1973 and headquartered in Palo Alto, California, manages science and technology for the energy and energy services industry worldwide (www.epri.com). Sargent & Lundy has been a global leader for more than 100 years in professional services for the electric power industry (www.slchicago.com).

In June 1994, SEPRIL Services, LLC, was formed with ownership split equally between EPRI and Sargent & Lundy to further commercialize the SOAPP product line. The company was led by Dale Sopocy, Stanley Pace and a Board of Directors from both companies. In 1995, Sargent & Lundy also formed a separate company, InStep Software LLC (www.instepsw.com) to provide software programming expertise, complementing the technical engineering expertise within SEPRIL. In June 1999, EPRI acquired 100% interest in SEPRIL Services, LLC and changed the name to SOAPP, LLC which became a wholly owned subsidiary of EPRI, managed by EPRIsolutions. In February 2000, the operations were merged with EPRI, resulting in the closure of the downtown Chicago office in June 2001. InStep Software LLC continues to provide programming services to EPRI in support of SOAPP products. EPRI continues to develop, distribute and support the SOAPP family of software products, providing an array of leading-edge power generation technology products to the rapidly evolving energy industry.


The SOAPP software has been recognized both in and outside of the power industry for its pioneering integration of multimedia content and interactive analysis, receiving the Award of Excellence and a Gold Medal from NewMedia magazine’s Invision Multimedia Awards. The SOAPP WorkStation also received an Achievement Award from the Consulting Engineers Council.

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