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SOAPP Announces New Tool for Gas Turbine Projects:
CT/CC O&M Cost Estimator—Version 1.0

New Tool for Estimating Combustion Turbine Plant O&M Costs

Chicago, December 9, 1998: SOAPP, LLC of Chicago, Illinois has released the CT/CC O&M Cost Estimator, spreadsheet software for calculating operating and maintenance costs, developing a cash flow projection, and providing a present value analysis of combustion turbine based combined cycle plants.

Advancing combustion turbine and combined cycle (CT/CC) technologies present a major challenge to those responsible for estimating O&M costs during the early stages of project development. In addition, the project developer is faced with the varying requirements between manufacturers and the impact of different operating modes. This new tool from SOAPP provides a platform for the user to work through many of the issues associated with the initial estimation of O&M costs.

Built as a spreadsheet, SOAPP's CT/CC O&M Cost Estimator enables the user to define the type of service intended for the unit and then either accept a series of default values or provide specific inputs for items such as service factor, number of normal starts, number of full load trips, operating time on primary and secondary fuel, staffing quantities, direct and indirect labor rates, fixed non-labor operating costs, major and minor overhaul costs, and auxiliary power costs. The CT/CC O&M Cost Estimator also includes the GE, ABB, and Westinghouse/Siemens algorithms for calculating equivalent hours, factored operating hours, factored starts and baseload starts as appropriate. With this information, the CT/CC O&M Cost Estimator calculates operating and maintenance costs, develops a cash flow projection for use in a proforma, and provides a present value analysis.

The CT/CC O&M Cost Estimator requires Microsoft Excel 97, operating under Microsoft Windows 95, Windows 98, or Windows NT. The CT/CC O&M Cost Estimator can be used by itself or in conjunction with the SOAPP-CT WorkStation or the SOAPP-REPO WorkStation.

The SOAPP products provide integrated technology evaluation/selection, conceptual design and financial analysis of power plants. SOAPP automates the plant conceptual design process, generating heat/material balances, equipment selection and sizing, drawings and 3D models, cost estimates, construction schedules, and financial analysis.


Headquartered in Chicago, Illinois, SOAPP provides power generation technologies and services focused on providing clients with a competitive edge in a rapidly evolving energy industry. SOAPP develops and markets the award-winning SOAPP family of commercial software products and consults with clients around the world to identify and evaluate strategies, evaluate new power generation and repowering alternatives, and provide risk mitigation for applying advanced competitive technologies. SOAPP also has offices in Mountain View, California.

The CT/CC O&M Cost Estimator was developed by SOAPP, LLC. All commercial SOAPP products are developed, supported, and maintained by SOAPP.

For more information on CT/CC O&M Cost Estimator, call 1-888-473-7745 (1.312.845.2222 for international calls), e-mail soappinfo@epri.com, or fax 1.312.845.2225.


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