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SOAPP–CT Version 5.0 Ready for November Release

Powerful Tool Integrates Technical and Financial Decision Making

CHICAGO, IL – SOAPP, L.L.C., developer of the award-winning SOAPP family of software
products, is in the final stage of testing Version 5.0 of SOAPP –CT, integrated software for
conceptual design, costing and financial analysis of gas turbine-based power plants, with
scheduled release of November. As the premier power project development software, SOAPP–
CT breaks new ground with version 5.0 by reflecting the current state of deregulating energy

New Features in Version 5.0 include:

  • 17 new gas turbine models, making the total 83.
  • Updated performance and emissions data, based on manufacturers' input.
  • Updated capital cost models and commodity estimates, including all balance of plant
    equipment, based on recent data from actual projects, commodity indices, and market
  • New user input options for defining the plant duty cycle or specifying fixed and variable
    O&M costs support increased O&M cost sensitivity.
  • Updated project schedule models, reflecting today's project development schedules.
  • Support for multiple steam turbine extraction flows, each at different pressure levels
    and each with independent payment values for steam sales. Independent payment values
    may also be specified for each HRSG pressure level export.
  • Added flexibility to specify percentage of each export flow to be returned to the
    water/steam cycle. "Hot" process returns will be used for condensate preheating.
    Condensate polishing will be used to treat process returns before reintroduction into the
  • An additional cycle configuration, supporting use of both a vacuum deaerator and an air-cooled
    condenser in a combined cycle. The combustion turbine inlet air cooler may be
    taken off-line in the performance calculation, yet still be accounted for in the capital costs.
    The evaporative cooler effectiveness (efficiency) is now a user input.
  • Separate interest rates may be specified for the construction loan and the
    permanent/term loan.
  • An option to specify either a duct burner outlet temperature or a main steam flow
    rate, increasing user control over cycle design. Additional improvements to system
    performance solution convergence algorithms will assure consistent trending when
    optimizing combined cycles and cogeneration cycles using duct burners.
  • Display of additional combustion turbine information in the Unit Input Data Set CT
    selection list. This additional information includes the source and date of the information
    used to create the performance and emission models for each CT and other information
    pertinent to your selection of a specific CT for your project design.
  • Additional sparing options for boiler feed pumps, condensate pumps, and circulating
    water pumps provide additional design flexibility for combined cycle plants.
  • A new input, cycles of concentration, providing additional flexibility in controlling
    circulating water makeup requirements.
  • Expanded allowable range for natural gas source pressure, supporting lower pressures
    and larger fuel gas compressors.
  • Additional output parameters, facilitating review of cycle design and performance.
  • And more, such as improved LAN installation, multi-user support, enhanced
    WorkStation validation routines.

          In a separate news release, SOAPP has announced its name change from SEPRIL, L.L.C, in conjunction with a strengthened affiliation with EPRI. Earlier this summer, EPRI, the science and technology development organization for the power industry, acquired Sargent & Lundy’s interest in SEPRIL. SEPRIL was founded in June 1994 as SEPRIL Services, L.L.C., with ownership split equally between EPRI and Sargent & Lundy. “EPRI’s increased interest in our company strengthens our connection to the technology innovators of the electric industry, and broadens opportunities to provide the latest in technology that can make a real difference in today’s competitive market,” said Dale Sopocy, Principal of SOAPP, L.L.C. “This development strengthens our commitment to our customers to deliver world class products and services and will facilitate faster growth, building upon our proven team to keep pace with our customers’ evolving needs.”

         SOAPP provides leading edge power generation technology products and services focused on establishing a competitive edge in the rapidly evolving energy industry. SOAPP develops and markets the award-winning SOAPP family of software products and consults with clients around the world to identify and evaluate strategies, evaluate new power generation and repowering alternatives, and provide risk mitigation for applying advanced competitive technologies.

Headquartered in Chicago, SOAPP has a branch office in Palo Alto, California and sales offices in Brazil, India, Japan, South Korea, Turkey, and the United Kingdom.

For more information on SOAPP-CT WorkStation v5.0, call 1.312.845.2222, e-mail soappinfo@epri.com, or fax 1.312.845.2225.

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