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SOAPP Team Ships SOAPP®-CT WorkStation Version 5.1

Powerful Tool Integrates Technical and Financial Decision Making

Chicago, June 30, 2000: SOAPP-CT WorkStation has been updated to Version 5.1, with Service Release 1, the first update to Version 5.0 since its initial release in October 1999. The SOAPP-CT WorkStation provides integrated technology evaluation/selection, conceptual design, and financial analysis of combustion turbine based power and cogeneration plants. The SOAPP-CT WorkStation automates the plant conceptual design process, generating heat/material balances, equipment selection and sizing, drawings and 3D models, cost estimates, construction schedules, and financial analysis.

Service Release 1 offers numerous updates and enhancements, including the following:

  • Addition of the GE PG6581(B) and the GE PG7241(FB) combustion turbines.
  • Improved validation and performance run heat balance calculations.
  • Improved Operations and Maintenance (O&M) calculations.
  • Improved AFUDC calculation in the Capital Outlay Schedule report.
  • Improved validation logic to better identify valid and invalid inputs based on the specific design.
  • Improved heat balance error trapping routines, adding internal tests that confirm a valid heat exchange in the HP evaporator section.
  • Improved heat balance models for the pipe valve component (DA pressure-regulating valve).
  • Improved sizing of water treatment equipment. Please note that changes to the water treatment sizing have affected the water treatment capital cost.
  • Improved display of project schedule reports. Schedule report window is now resizable.
  • Added Project IRR to the Scenario Manager

SOAPP’s investment in the frequent development of service releases is an ongoing effort to address user needs and help them to stay current with market conditions.

All SOAPP software products are designed for Microsoft Windows™. SOAPP-CT operates under Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows NT, and Windows 2000.

SOAPP Team at EPRIsolutions
The SOAPP Team provides power generation technologies and services focused on providing clients with a competitive edge in a rapidly evolving energy industry. The SOAPP Team develops and markets the award-winning SOAPP family of commercial software products and consults with clients around the world to identify and evaluate strategies, evaluate new power generation and repowering alternatives, and provide risk mitigation for applying advanced competitive technologies.

The SOAPP-CT WorkStation was developed by the SOAPP Team at EPRIsolutions. The award-winning SOAPP® products, originally developed by Sargent & Lundy of Chicago, IL., incorporate technology developed for the electric power industry under the sponsorship of the Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI), based in Palo Alto, CA. All commercial SOAPP products are developed, supported, and maintained by the SOAPP Team.

For more information on SOAPP-CT WorkStation v5.1, call 1.312.845.2222, e-mail soappinfo@epri.com, or fax 1.312.845.2225.

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