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SOAPP Team Ships SOAPP-CT Version 5.2

Powerful Tool Integrates Technical and Financial Decision Making

Palo Alto, August 21, 2001: SOAPP-CT has been updated to Version 5.2, with Service Release 2, the second update to Version 5.0 since its initial release in October 1999. SOAPP-CT provides integrated technology evaluation/selection, conceptual design, and financial analysis of combustion turbine based power and cogeneration plants. SOAPP-CT automates the plant conceptual design process, generating heat/material balances, equipment selection and sizing, drawings and 3D models, cost estimates, construction schedules, and financial analysis.

Service Release 2 offers several updates and enhancements, including the following:

  • The LM6000PC SPRINT gas turbines (both 50 & 60 Hz) were added bringing the total to ninety (90) gas turbines modeled in SOAPP-CT. The LM6000PC SPRINT (SPray INTercooling) is capable of firing both Natural Gas (NG) and No.2 Distillate Fuel Oil (FO) with water/steam injection available for NG and water injection available for FO firing (for NOx Control). The LM6000PC SPRINT can achieve a Gross Output = 43,745 kW and Gross Heat Rate (LHV) = 8,342 Btu/kWh (8,801 kJ/kWh) when firing NG (no injection) at ISO conditions (59 F, 60% RH, sea level) with inlet/exhaust loss = 4 in. H2O.

    Note: The CT performance and NOx emissions are estimates. Please verify this information with the OEM prior to proceeding with procurement of this equipment.
  • Capital cost updates for the major equipment including combustion turbines and heat recovery steam generators. Cost information has been updated to reflect current market prices.

EPRI’s investment in the frequent development of service releases is an ongoing effort to address user needs and help them to stay current with market conditions.

All SOAPP software products are designed for Microsoft Windows™. SOAPP-CT operates under Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows ME, Windows NT, and Windows 2000.

EPRI and EPRIsolutions provide power generation technologies, products and services focused on providing clients with a competitive edge in a rapidly evolving energy industry. The SOAPP Team develops and markets the award-winning SOAPP family of commercial software products and consults with clients around the world to identify and evaluate strategies, evaluate new power generation and repowering alternatives, and provide risk mitigation for applying advanced competitive technologies.

SOAPP-CT was developed by the SOAPP Team at EPRIsolutions. The award-winning SOAPP® products, originally developed by Sargent & Lundy of Chicago, IL., incorporate technology developed for the electric power industry under the sponsorship of the Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI), based in Palo Alto, CA. All commercial SOAPP products are developed, supported, and maintained by the SOAPP Team.

For more information on SOAPP-CT Version 5.2, call 1.630.406.7666 for domestic customers or call 1.847.480.1263 for international customers. You can also contact us by e-mail at soappinfo@epri.com.

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