SOAPPSOAPP (State-of-the-Art Power Plant) software for gas turbine project analysis creates unique, detailed, project-specific conceptual designs, including heat balances, equipment design, cost estimates, and pro forma. Sophisticated, embedded engineering expertise supported by comprehensive process and equipment models keeps you from getting bogged down making engineering decisions, freeing you to concentrate on only the most critical process, equipment, and design criteria.

SOAPP-CT WorkStation generates detailed, site-specific conceptual designs, estimates, and analyses for gas turbine simple and combined cycle power plant and cogeneration plant project development.
The SOAPP-CT Technology Modules are multimedia references on major process components of gas turbine power plants, with interactive performance, design, and cost models for evaluating technology alternatives.
SOAPP-CT O&M Cost Estimator provides O&M cost estimates through detailed accounting of factored maintenance intervals, plant operating scenario parameters, staffing and labor rates, and combustion turbine parts replacement and repair costs. 

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