SOAPP-CT Technology Modules

Each SOAPP-CT Technology Module is a stand-alone software product which represents an overview of the basic principles of the power plant process or equipment type, along with detailed information on alternative technologies. Interactive equipment or process sizing, costs, and construction schedules are provided for each of the alternatives as a function of sensitivity parameters. The thirteen SOAPP-CT Technology Modules cover all of the major mechanical systems in combustion turbine simple cycle, combined cycle, and cogeneration plants:

Support Systems Fuel Systems
Inlet Air Filtration

Inlet Air Precooling
Combustion Turbine Combustion Turbine Selection
Combustion Turbine NOx Control
Bypass Stack & Diverter Valves
HRSG Heat Recovery Steam Generator
Duct Burners
Condensate/Steam Cycle Steam Turbine Selection
Heat Rejection Systems


Condensate Heating
Exhaust Gas Cleanup Post Combustion NOx/CO Control
Click on any of the SOAPP-CT Technology Modules listed above for a description of a specific module.

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