SOAPP-CT helps you design projects for optimal payback, return, and risk mitigation with seamlessly integrated, accurate modeling of site-specific performance and emissions, equipment sizing, and estimated costs driving a complete financial analysis.

Quickly Assess Sensitivities
to optimize design for return & risk by swapping data sets.

Flexible Data Input
aids fast, accurate analysis.

Intelligent Defaults & Input Validation
Helps non-experts.
Speeds experts.

modeled by rigorous heat balances using manufacturers' data.

Process Flow Diagrams

dynamically depict water, steam & gas flows & conditions for 8 major systems.

Detailed Equipment

defines plant design with over 600 parameters.

Piping Diagrams

generated dynamically for 7 major systems to reflect your current design.


Cost Estimates
driven by project-specific design calculations & up-to-date cost models.

General Arrangement Drawings

dynamically scaled, layed out, dimensioned, and annotated for your plant design.

3D Site Plans

View your plant layout from any perspective. Export a 3D wire frame drawing of your project for rendering.

Optional Inputs &
Adjustment Factors
Input labor rates and other parameters &  adjustment factors to reflect regional market conditions.

Financial Analysis
supports screening, feasibility analysis, & proposal development.

SOAPP-CT helps you evaluate opportunities, optimize design criteria, and prepare proposals for your projects—solving for return on equity (including IRR and cash flow to equity) or for the energy and capacity charges required to attain the return you specify.

to Fast Sensitivity Analysis

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