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From the beginning, users have played an integral role in the design, development, and evolution of the SOAPP products. Each SOAPP product has had a group of users who provided guidance during development of the initial version. Once a SOAPP product becomes commercially available, SOAPP's product development, support, services, and sales teams work together to monitor and address user issues and to pool their knowledge of changing user needs. Our goal at SOAPP is to be responsive to our customers and to make the SOAPP products a true reflection of their users' needs. The following quotes from SOAPP users provide some indication of how we are succeeding in accomplishing this goal:

"Optimized for conceptual design, the [SOAPP] system produces drawings, estimates, and financial analysis and comparisons, and I recently purchased it because in less than eight hours we could turn out a complete design package enabling us to recommend a variety of potentially suitable module or power plant options."
Gary Bush — Director of Conceptual Design and Performance Engineering
Enron Engineering & Construction
from Power Plant Technology, August/September 1998

"SOAPP allowed us to ask better questions, enabling us to know the project better and scope it far more accurately."
David Brown — Manager, Project Engineering
CSW Energy
from "Information Age Technology for Power Generation Project Development," Conference Proceedings, PowerGen International '97

"The ready access to accurate and current information is of key importance. It satisfies my need to tinker with all the variables, and allowed me to work creatively with many different scenarios. I was able to thoroughly examine all the current machinery offerings, making more accurate comparisons than would have been possible through interviewing vendors."
Sierra Pacific Power

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